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Great Value and Fast Delivery - Contacts2go stock optometrist approved contact lens solution and eye drops to help retain moisture and provide more comfort for contact lens users.

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  • AO Sept Plus Value Pack

    AO SEPT Value Pack Contact Lens Solution is an easy to use care regimen for all types of contact lenses. Cleaning, disinfecting, protein removal and neutralising take place in one step.

    2 x 360ml + 1 x 90ml + 3 Contact Lens Cases

    As low as$40.00

  • Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops 15ml

    Clean and protect your contact lenses while you wear them! Blink-N-Clean™ Lens Drops contains a unique blend of gentle-to-the-eye ingredients that conveniently dissolves away material that causes irritation and discomfort. Blink-N-Clean™ helps remove protein build-up to ensure lenses stay fresh and vision remains clear. Note: Blink-N-Clean™ Lens Drops are not designed to replace your normal lens cleaning regime.

    As low as$15.00

  • Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml

    Boston Advance Cleaner removes dirt and debris from your lenses, leaving your lenses clean, clear, and ready to be disinfected. Boston Advance Cleaner is visibly tinted and formulated for improved rinsing.

    As low as$10.90

  • Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution 120ml

    Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning System is the #1 doctor recommended two-bottle lens care system for GP (gas permeable) lenses. Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution and Boston Advance Cleaner are easy to use and provide lens wearing comfort.
    Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution dual disinfecting system delivers excellent protection against harmful microorganisms. Includes a patented cushioning system to soothe your eyes and provide lens wearing comfort.

    As low as$12.50

  • Boston Rewetting Drops 10ml

    Boston Rewetting Drops coat the lens surface for longer, more comfortable gas permeable (gp) contact lens wear. The solution coats gp contact lenses to provide soothing relief from dry eyes. It also removes particles that may cause irritation, discomfort and blurred vision. It is able to extend contact lens wearing time by wetting gp contact lenses while in the eye.

    As low as$10.90

  • Refresh Contacts Drops 15ml

    REFRESH CONTACTS® Eye Drops should be used to sooth and protect eyes whilst wearing contact lenses. It rewets and lubricates contacts and aids in cushioning lenses prior to application. This is not to be used to disinfect contact lenses.

    As low as$11.79

  • Refresh Liquigel Drops 15ml

    REFRESH LIQUIGEL® Eye Drops are a convenient liquid drop with the efficacy of a gel; a mid viscosity drop. It has extra-strength relief with minimum blurring compared with gels and ointments. It can be used daytime and night time as required. REFRESH LIQUIGEL® Eye Drops are ideal for patients with moderate to severe dry eye.

    As low as$9.50

  • Refresh Tears Plus 15ml

    REFRESH TEARS PLUS® Eye Drops are designed for the temporary relief of dry eye. It is ideal for mild to moderate dry eye patients. It can be used while wearing contact lenses.

    As low as$9.50

  • Thera Tears Sterilid 48ml

    SteriLid contains Linalool and has been formulated into SteriLid to create a “gentle-on-the-eye” eyelid cleanser that cleanses yet, with its pH-matched-to-skin formula, helps maintain the skin oils that have antibacterial properties, and provide the skin with a natural defense. Pumped onto and then applied directly with clean fingertips, SteriLid conditions the delicate eyelid skin while providing effective lid hygiene with comfort and convenience. SteriLid is recommended to customers for daily lid hygiene and patients with Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid).

    As low as$32.90